Technical Note: Using a Python virtual environment in Jupyter notebooks

When testing or using various Python packages, the risk is that the new packages mangle the current Python installation, or, are in conflict with the current Python installation. Python virtual environments are an answer to solve this kind of problems. A Jupyter notebook uses a “base” installation when the Anaconda distribution is installed. How to […]

Pycharm – ‘ModuleNotFound’ error and setting a Python Interpreter

Pycharm – a few notes not to forget: Specify default ‘Python Interpreter’ for all projects: File >> Default Settings: select ‘Project Interpreter’, or, specify new Python Interpreter using ‘add local…’ combo-selection, next to it ==> selected ‘python 3.6 (anaconda)’ from displayed listing. ‘ModuleNotFound’ error: Add a package to the project: File >> Default Settings: select […]