Pycharm – ‘ModuleNotFound’ error and setting a Python Interpreter

Pycharm – a few notes not to forget:

  1. Specify default ‘Python Interpreter’ for all projects: File >> Default Settings: select ‘Project Interpreter’, or, specify new Python Interpreter using ‘add local…’ combo-selection, next to it ==> selected ‘python 3.6 (anaconda)’ from displayed listing.
  2. ‘ModuleNotFound’ error: Add a package to the project: File >> Default Settings: select Project Interpreter i.e. ‘python 3.6 (anaconda)’, and a package listing is shown. Check presence of package/module, or add a package by clicking on ‘+’. Selection of package from listing and it will be installed and added. ==> matplotlib added, and re-run Python file using matplotlib was succesfull.