CH340/341 serial-USB driver panic on MacOS 10.13 High Sierra

Have I updated my MacOS from El Capitan (10.11) to High Sierra (10.13) at last, I’ve got a kernel panic when I connect an Arduino Nano to it! Connecting a WeMOS D1 mini, or LOLIN32 Lite, will have same problem.

Turns out, its not a hardware problem (pfff), but a driver-problem: the currently installed CH340/341 serial-USB driver crashes. Later on, I found you can read it in console log /Library/Logs/Diagnostics with a .panic extension.

Thanks to an internet search I’ve found solution from TZAPU. It redirect you to Bjorn’s Techblog, where I downloaded the CH341SER_MAC_1.4 package (updated 11.01.2017).

After installation of this package, I could connect Arduino Nano without a kernel panic! Solved.